The Urban Birdscape: Part 4

I wanted to know what feathered beauties might be found at the bird sanctuary in the wee hours of the morn, before the arrival of most human visitors.  So up I got at 5:15am on a Sunday morning.  When I arrived at the sanctuary by bike, there were only four cars in the parking lot: two of them would turn out to belong to contemplative wanderers, seeking to immerse themselves in this fragile island of nature before the onslaught of families and other noisy intrusions.  The other two belonged to outdoor photography enthusiasts, looking for the ultimate nature shot.

The morning gifted me with more breathtaking bird sightings than my wildest dreams.  Apparently pelicans come through my city – who knew?  And I finally saw the wondrous male wood duck, whose presence I knew must exist by the repeated sighting of his mate.  It pays to get up early.

“I see you, Bill.”



Red-winged blackbird


American pelicans
The royal couple: King and Queen Wood Duck
Well hello.

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